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This song is by Henry Thomas and appears on the split compilation album Texas Blues: Early Blues Masters From the Lone Star State (2004) by various artists.

Oh Roberta round, "pack your trunk and go"
Yes, he came back home last night
My wife said "Honey, I'm done with beans
I'm gonna pass for cream."
Oh my little honey, don't you make me go
I'll get a job if you allow me sure
I'll crapshoot yes I will shine
Good little baby, just let me work
When you buy chicken, all I want is the bone
When you buy beer, be satisfied with foam
I'll work both night and day
I'll be careful what I say
Honey (What?) please, let me bring my clothes back home

Down the track this mornin' she did stroll
Well a accident, her foot got caught in a hole
I'm goin' to tell you the truth
A natural that poor man
Nice girl (but) dresses turn that railroad track is round
I'm going to buy 'em all
Cigarettes and chewing tobacco that I can
A natural rover that a' heavy poor man

I am a ramblin' gamblin' man, I've gambled in many town
I've rambled this wide world over, I rambled this wide world around
I had my ups and downs through life and bitter times I saw
But I never knew what misery was till I left old Arkansas

I started out one morning to meet the early train
He said, "You better work with me, I have some land to drain
I'll give you fifty cents a day, your washing, board and all
And if you'll be a different man for the sake of old Arkansas

I worked six months for the rascal, Joe Heron was his name
He fed me on corn dodger, it was hard as any rung
My tooth's all got loosened, And my/the (***************)
That was the kind of hash I got for the state of old Arkansas

Travellin' man, I've traveled all around this world
Travellin' man, I've traveled from land to land
Travellin' man, I've traveled all around this world
Well it t'ain't no use ridin' on through 'cause I've traveled this land