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Trying to Get to You

This song is by Henry Oden and appears on the album You're Wrong for That! (2010).


"Henry, where are you? What's really going on? I've been waiting on you for a hour and a half" You need to hurry up and get here, I'm not gonna be waiting on you. You need to up-grade that cheap phone, This ain't wait on a fool day, Where are you? Where are you?"

I'm going 90 miles to north'n, around hair pin curves
I hope my brakes don't give out as my car sways and swerves
I'm try'n to get to you, girl I'm try'n to get to you
I'm just a little bit over do, I'm try'n to get to you

I looked you up on Google, I found you on MapQuest
Now, I'm com'n to you girl, I'm us'n my GPS
I'm trying, I'm trying to get to you
Nobody else will do, I'm tryin' to get to you

I'm in overdrive and free-wheeling, down shift'n with a double~clutch
I never thought I'd find someone that I'd miss this much
I'm tryin', I'm tryin'
I said I'm trying, to get to you

I'm just a li'bit overdue
I'm trying to get to you
I've got to get in the fast lane
I've got to overcome this pain, got to get to you
No-body else will do, trying to get to you


Written by:

Henry Oden

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