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I Love You That Way

This song is by Henry Oden and appears on the album You're Wrong for That! (2010).

You take all my money, then you wanna throw me outdoors
You drink all my liquor, then want me to pull on my clothes
That's all right, I don't care what folks might say

Just keep on do'n me like you do'n me, 'cause I love you that way

You drive other men all over town in my car
You stay out all night, don't call and let me know your safe or where you are

I catch you do'n wrong, you swear you doing right
Then you call me jealous, and say you don't know why

Don't cry pretty baby, I don't care what the people might say
Just keep do'n me like you doin' me, 'cause I love you that way

Sophisticated drama is what my friends all say
If you don't cuss and clown me
You don't have a real good day

You ain't doing me right, is what I heard your mamma say
You gotta make him suffer every minute of the day

That's all right I don't care I don't care what folks think or say
Just keep on doin' me like you doing me, 'cause I love you that way


Written by:

Ethan Lodge; Henry Oden; Jammel Oden

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