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​Ottawa Song

This song is by Henry Cow and appears on the Double live album Concerts (1976).

You and I could sail away to distant lands.
In a mystic ship we'd sail
To where there were no more sad troubles,
We would be so happy and
No one else would see.

You and I we could give up our jobs and go,
We could leave all our commitments here,
If we wanted to.
I think ... Well ...
I think we could.
I think we could...
Well, maybe...

You and I we cannot leave.
We are enthralled by things we own and
Things we wish to own and
Things we're told are right or wrong and
Debts we owe and
If we go what use is that to us or
To the world we're in?

Music by:

Fred Frith.

Lyrics by:

Chris Cutler.