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Album by Henry Cow.
  1. War
  2. Living in the Heart of the Beast
  3. Beginning: The Long March
  4. Beautiful as the Moon – Terrible as an Army with Banners
  5. Morning Star
Additional track on the 1991 CD reissue:
  1. Lovers of Gold


  • Tim Hodgkinson: Organ. Clarinet. Piano on II.
  • Fred Frith: Guitar. Violin. Xylophone. Piano on IV.
  • John Greaves: Bass. Piano.
  • Chris Cutler: Drums. Radio.
  • Dagmar: Voice.
  • Peter Blegvad: Guitar on II & III. Voice & Clarinet on I.
  • Anthony Moore: Piano on I & II. Electronics & Tapework.
  • Lindsay Cooper: Bassoon & Oboe.
  • Geoff Leigh, Soprano Sax on I.
  • Mongezi Feza: Trumpet on I.
  • Phil Becque: Oscillator on IV.

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