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​Beautiful as the Moon – Terrible as an Army with Banners

This song is by Henry Cow and appears on the album In Praise of Learning (1975).

Careworn and all alone - First days
Charon the unborn - Days erased
Death: Venus unfurled -
The world we lost we found - spoiled
No sun No birds No stars No form

Evened we are fallen all before time
Lief lorn we unlearn all crime
Lives - levelled as lies
A star mourns souls ungraved - ignored
Slow wheels: Mira. Algol. Maia

Rose Dawn Daemon Rise Up
And seize the morning - your due
Love solves worlds - with words
Arise Amidnight and heaven
Stumbles - as time ends

Last days hollow souls view
Glass maze a science sees us through
History moulds men
Selves men made
Its tyrannies end when
Its ghosts are laid.

Dark Class marches past to war
Class cause carries all before
Capital steals Fire
Fools no more
His factories free dreams
His Kings expire

Rose Dawn Day Moon.
Take Care! Banners of Crimson
Are raised
Time solves words - by deeds
Arise work men and seize
The future. Let Ends Begin.