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Nervous Breakdown

This song is by Henceforth and appears on the album Henceforth (2005).

Things are starting to make sense
As I lay strapped to this bed
My life has been so intense
Breakdown, collapse - you name it
I've got to a point I couldn't stand
Now I'm so afraid
Will someone lend me a hand?
What happened to me?
I've been a fool
Living life the fast way
Did me no good
From now on I'll take care
I'm no machine
My nerves are not made of steel
I'm bones and flesh
The strain of a hi tech life
Took its tool over me
My workaholic nature
Did nothing but enslave me
I was addicted to the madness
Didn't think of slowing down
Nitro used to run in my veins
Now I can't even wipe my own ass
It all seems clear by now
I have to live a better life
Change is just one thought away
I'll get up from this bed
I'll face this day as a brand new start
Change is just one thought away

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