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The Pills Stopped Working

This song is by Hem and appears on the album Funnel Cloud (2006).

Ain't holding out for a miracle now
Just holding out for the water
Across the bridge that will carry me down
To the Santa Rosa Spanish Quarter

And I know that I don't belong with you
And I know the pills stopped working for me, so
If you wanna set me up I'll fall on my knees and
Fix what I have broke

I spent my whole life looking for land
But settled on the breakers
And saw the home that I held in my hand
Was just some dirt inside a scrap of paper

And I know that I should be long gone
And I know, the pills stopped working long ago
If you wanna look me up, I'll fall on my knees and
Fix whatever's broke

There's no place in the world that can make this right
There's no home I once had that I have in sight
There's no one that can come to my side tonight
To save me...

The whole world's sinking down in the bay
The sun is treading water
Suppose that you could save me someway
But I told you Baby not to bother

'Cause I know that I don't belong here
And I know the pills don't work for me no more
I don't wanna spend my whole life down on my knees
To fix what I have broke

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