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This song is by Hem and appears on the album Funnel Cloud (2006).

I found a well
Lost for many years
It tasted sweet I soaked my feet
And I was on my way

I could see him from the Main Road
In the flames of the hotel
A darkened sky
That carried my farewell

I traveled south
Across the Iron Bridge
I passed the signs and tangled vines
And I was on my way

Sent him voices on a postcard
So he would not know I'd gone -
A folded bird that all my words fell on

Said: "No sunlight on your window
No movement on your wall
Strip away these sad old curtains
And hear me call"

It was a year
When I thought of him
Where I had gone what I had done
And I was on my way

In the fall I've dreamt of rescues
And my eyes began to burn
One final lie
That swallowed my return

Where there's no hero at your window
There ain't no postcards on your wall
But I'll strip away these sad old curtains
And hear you call

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