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​Save Time

This song is by Helstar and appears on the album Multiples of Black (1995).

Welcome to our kind we'll show what is right
The same old story in their many worlds
Ours is full of color yours black and white
You're robbed of your heart and soul
Looking for direction not knowing where to go
Happiness a friend they don't even know
Living for the pleasures that make me want to cry
Can't you see their well of dreams ran dry

You're dreaming tomorrow
Because time is borrowed

So save it
Keep saving time

Discrimination rebellion can't you see
That violence is just a game
They keep telling you disrespect
Your mom and dad
They're the reason for your faults
They're the ones to blame
To obey the law against formalities
Making all the rules all the shots they call
You're never to reveal your true identity
Manipulating till you take the fall

So leave them all behind
Only doing what is right
The saddened story of a lonely world
Where there is no color
It's only black and white
Empty is society