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Staying Up

This song is by Help Truman.

I've been staying up too late,
Watching the hours roll by
As I narrate.
Slow, then fast, then all but dead,
Until I'm rubbing my eyes
And shaking my head.

In this town, there's not room
For both trains to roll
And sleep to resume,
Or ever even begin at all.

In the way I fell so fast,
You'd think I'd crowned my last queen,
But they never last.
First, you trash my appetite,
And now you won't let me dream
For the third straight night.

With the sleepiest heart I say
No more tearing my nights apart,
I don't deserve to be left awake.

It's so obvious that you're not long for the market,
But I'm not in a position to grab you.
But I love your style,
And who says admiring from afar isn't in?
The masses all understand,
And I could tell you,
But you'd hate me for it.

And with that,
I sink into sleep so deep
That to wake,
I need you to promise you won't haunt me again.

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