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So You Got A Song

This song is by Help Truman.

One more autumn rolls around,
So you split this town
And move where talks all who's who and wedding gowns,
Where the smiles spread the slander
Because they're not that tough,
They'd never hurt you,
But they still all get close enough, don't they?

Because the bright ones dare to depart,
They're smothered for more room to multiply.

Because you lack any downsides
As I remember,
I'm sure my memory keeps you better than you were.

And although the sentiment fades (and goes),
That it bothered at all must show something.

Should you run dry on reasons to stay away...
Should you run dry on reasons to stay away...

You asked, so this is what you get,
I wrote so you could sleep better at night.
And although good efforts were made,
With each love line that sank, I was less polite.

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