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Ball Of Nerves

This song is by Help Truman.

Then, unexpectedly, in mid-laugh,
I slipped and said I love you.
Such armored tension would have dulled the sharpest knife,
We couldn't move,
But I swear you almost returned it.

You said you'd stick around
But I won't mark your words because they weren't true.
I couldn't find a way to make maps and roads work,
Neither could you,
And so we never pursued it.

And it's something that you may not have thought about with the state of mind you're in,
But I sure have thought about it enough for two

You give the storyline to me,
I'll give an alias to you,
The way I stretch these facts,
This story's far more romantic than true,
But I'll make all of my lies fit.

So, when I'm a ball of nerves,
And my whole universe stops at your door,
And all my most clever lines
Somehow seem more lame than ever before,
Maybe you can embrace it.

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