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Pass The Hat Around

This song is by Help She Can't Swim and appears on the album The Death Of Nightlife (2007).

She's standing by an open door
He's standing by a parked car
The engine is running
We must be going now
I hope this is worth it
I hope they won't hate this
There's nothing else I can have missed off from the list
And I stopped writing
And I stopped sleeping
This has to count for something

Can we just enjoy this please?

Will we slip into sadness
Like we slipped on the surface of the wet van roof
While we're filling the holes in
We must stay clear
We mustn't fall in
We'll just hope the weather holds
Till we're back home again
We'll pass the hat around
Turn your frown upside down
But can't help thinking
'Oh my god are we being shot down?'
After the plans
And preparation
Will we face the execution?

Can we just enjoy this please?

Why did I drag you all around this country?
Should be at home working on
The new release

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