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​My Own Private Disco

This song is by Help She Can't Swim and appears on the album Fashionista Super Dance Troupe (2004).

Come to my house baby we'll have a real nice time
Take our clothes off and we'll drink some wine
Let's watch 80's re-runs until our eyes hurt
Make each other raw till we think we'll burst
Turn the lights off so no one thinks we're home
If people try to call us we'll unplug the fone
Talk about the future when we're dead and gone

Mebbe the drugs have blurred my eyes
But I hope the morning never comes
Please make forever tonight
'Cause I'm so tired of seeing the sun

Hide under the covers we'll not be afraid
Remember being picked on and feel glad now we're saved
I wouldn't care if you were the only one I saw
'Cause I hate other people I'm sick of being bored
Let's just sleep forever forever's not that long
If someone ever finds us mebbe they'll write a song
A heartfelt effigy of why we had to hide
And why we couldn't cope with the big wide world outside

Don't want to turn around in case you disapear
And it's the nicest dream but you were never here