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​Midnight Garden

This song is by Help She Can't Swim and appears on the album The Death Of Nightlife (2007).

Open the window
It's stupid hot inside here
Pull down the covers
It's hella roasting
No time for sleep yet
I've got more life inside me
Won't leave me lonely
I've got too many books to read


Pad down the stairs
To the grandfather clock
Open the door
And there is sunshine
Feeling quite frightened
I've got to get inside this
Who would have guessed
It could ever be thirteen o'clock


I'm in an orchard
The apple blossom's falling
Drinking the essence
I feel I'm floating
See a girl hiding
I really want to hold her
Looks like she's crying
I gotta go
And dry her eyes

Unde the bushes
We nestle in th elong grass
Being in hiding
I want to shout it out
'Darling I've found it
All that I've ever wanted
Wish that it hadn't
Taken so long to figure out'