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​Idle Chatter

This song is by Help She Can't Swim and appears on the album The Death Of Nightlife (2007).

All you do is sigh and say 'hello'
And wait for each other to hang up the phone
Run yourself dry through these wires
No wonder that these things get so tired
And he can't stand this jealousy
And she can't stand this jealousy
But the circle you move in is always there
So it's no surprise your going nowhere

We communicate.
This is the age and it's tearing you apart
'Cause you talk too much and you don't talk enough

Everyone must be obtainable at all times
'Why didn't you answer
You said you were mine?'
And now your lost without it
How did we get suckered into this?
The ad sold it as bohemia
Everybody raise hand and say 'we got one'
Do you remember when we didn't have these things?
Do you remember when we didn't have these things?

I was waiting for you to call me...
I didn't want to hear from you anyway

It's sounds and lights versus ears and eyes
And you just sigh and apologise
Say you'll speak in the afternoon
If he's with his friends he won't say 'i love you'
Just believe that everything is fine
'Cause you can't see each other when you roll your eyes
Just believe that everything is fine
'Cause there's another call on the other line

Strangle you with the telephone cord
Just because your making me feel bored