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​Fermez La Bouche

This song is by Help She Can't Swim and appears on the album Fashionista Super Dance Troupe (2004).

She knows all the words to the rekids she's playing
She mouths them to her boyfriend and he's fucking boring
No one cares about your deejay night
No one cares about your deejay night
He's talking way to slow and the boredom's getting higher
She's contemplating how he'd feel if she said 'see you later'
He's wearing an old tee shirt and chatting about his skates
It's time for you to find a new loser date so shut up
(Fermez la fucking bouche)
'Cause I don't wanna hear your cheap talk sweet talk
Shut it
(Fermez la fucking bouche)
Leave the room leave the house leave the country
Shut it he's such a show off
Shut it he's such a jerk off
Shut it why don't you just fuck off
And fermez la fucking bouche