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Drew Barrymore Movie Marathon

This song is by Help She Can't Swim and appears on the album Fashionista Super Dance Troupe (2004).

Oh baby let's sit, make me dinner.
Drive to my house, you're a winner.
Send me letters, make me want you.
Blow me kisses, you know you want to.
Use your cash card, give me flowers.
Call me up at ungodly hours.
Dress me up in designer faux fur.
Make me your first place, and I'll lose the bra.

Take me out to see Drew Barrymore movies!

Give me blood, make me thirsty.
Drive through the country, feels so dirty.
Send me girl porn, make me horny.
Blow me harder in the morning.
Use your fingers through my bethrow.
Give me phone sex, make me go, go, go!
Dress me up in your mum's high heels.
Take me dancing, let me proper sail.

Take me out to see Drew Barrymore movies!

Fast car, no bra.
Nice face, my place.
Nice tan, crash bang.
Be nice, hello boys.

Give me a call some time,
We'll go speed dating.

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