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I Don't Know Why

This song is by Helmut Lotti.

"I really have to show you
I am so glad I know you
Now we are saying goodbyes
I,m not ashamed to cry
But God knows the reason why
You have to leave

I don't know you must move on
I don't know why but all though you'll be
You'll stay with me eternally
And wherever you are
Even tough we're apart
You will be in my heart

I wish I'd known you longer
I wish I'd felt you stonger
You got so much out of ligfe
That's why you were able to give
That's why you were able to live
A life with love

I don't know why fate's unfair
I don't know why they need you up there
You have to leave and I will grieve
But I wish you my best
Because that's what you gave
And that's what will last"

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