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It's Easy To Get Bored

This song is by Helmet and appears on the album Aftertaste (1997).

if i'm half informed
sympathize because it's easy to get bored
i don't have time to waste
i'm busy cultivating useless good taste

you need to know how to lie
the savage civil servant's beady eyes
i can call him names
i'll tell you how he hurts and cheats and maims

then we'll only see eye to eye
and every breath expelled is wasted
and somebody manage the same lie

i'll spread some more good news
invented facts that you know you can use
sell them door to door with
religious fervor that no one can ignore

no one can ignore

it's so easy to get bored
it's so easy to get bored
it's so easy to get bored
it's so easy to get bored

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