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Laudate Dominum

This song is by Helloween and appears on the album Better Than Raw (1998).

Hallelvja, homines,
Gavdete de domino,
Qvi donat vita omnes, qvod amat nos!

Hallelvja, mi devs,
Tv vivis omnipotens,
Tv es semper benignvs, tv amas nos!

Pater noster in caelis
Totvm orbem terrae regnat
Et vincit diabolvm timorem et omnivm hominvm

O lavdate dominvm!
Praedicate devm
Amate creatorem,
Qvi creavit mvndvm
Oh, lavdate dominvm!

Ecce, et te vvlt Jesvs liberare,
Dvcere per vitam tvvs amicvs, gavde tv!

Amici, dimittite
Mente malam pravamqve!
Anima accipite salvam fidem!

Jesvs Christvs in crvce
De vita decessit dolens
Sed de morte resvrrexit lvx mvndi nova

O lavdate dominvm!
Filivm Jesvm Christvm
Omnivm redemptorem
Et spiritvm sanctvm!
O lavdate dominvm!

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