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Get Me Out Of Here

This song is by Helloween and appears on the album Windmill (1993) and on the album Step Out Of Hell (1993).

I can't tell you how it happened
So I guess we'll never know
I'm always late and running out of time
So I must be very slow

Someone must have smoked too much
Or is it only dust
My pals just tend to leave here in disgust

My flat is a mess same as ever before
My suits they stink like you don't wanna know
Junk to the left, trash to the right
Get me out of here I can't take it anymore

When the postman rings I stay in bed
I never make it down
My fridge must be alive inside
It's uttering funny sounds
If I don't know what time it is
I peek out if there's sun
No use anyway, my money's gone

Get me out of here I can't take it anymore