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Two Weeks In Hawaii

This song is by Hellogoodbye and appears on the album Zombies! Aliens! Vampires! Dinosaurs! (2006).

You've got your airplane
And I've got the plain air of here
You're gone, I've gone insane
Oh when will you reappear
I'm just some new kid
Who can't get his mind off of you
And I know that it's stupid

'Cause you've got Hawaii
And I've gotten no letters from you
I should stop whining
'Cause its only been a day or two...
I don't know what you did
But you got me to fall for you
And I know that its stupid

Your family's rad, and I
Wish that they were here today
But they're thousands and thousands of miles away
I felt so bad when your mom
Caught us eating ice cream in your
Room at three in the morning

And I'd hate for her
To not want me around her daughter
'Cause my heart stops every time

You've got Polaroid
And you even know how to rhyme
I'd be overjoyed
If we could just hang out sometime
I don't know what you did
but you got me to fall for you
and I know that its stupid

Your drawing's rad and I
Put in on my wall and I made
Sure it wouldn't fall cause if it did
My straw wrapper might tear
And there would be no knot and I would
Feel like I'd been shot right through heart

And I'd fall apart but I'd remember how
My heart stops every time

You are so special
I just hope that we can be friends
I'll wait forever
But I guess that it all depends
On you and yours
So come on and dance with me
You are so special

I hope this makes you smile
And you might stay that way for a while
'Cause you deserve every grin that you get
And you'll get 'em a lot from me

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