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Killer Be Killed

This song is by Hello Marquee.

Does it hurt you when you hit the floor?
Only when you think about it darlin'
Don't scream when you feel the pain.
It hurts more to know you're still alive.
With a bullet in the back of your neck
You're still breathin' better than before.
Bloods dripping all over your face
Are you sure that you are still okay?
Will you catch me as I hit the ground?
If you let me if you let me I will.
Will you catch me as I hit the ground?
Will you catch me as I hit the ground?

Only one minute left to live and you tell me you love me. I don't care. I never did. I hope you hit the ground harder than before.

Take us, take us away. Now we all lay on the bottom of the ocean. We are shark bait.

Swim around swim around but there's no oxygen, to be found. Will we make, will we make it out? (will we make it to the surface?)

Will the killer be killed in the end? Let's not find out. And when I talk to you, you don't look at me, should I scream?

You all are made of laughter they say say, you all are made of laughter the joker sings

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