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Zeekk Plays Gameboy

This song is by Hella Fly Cool Kids.

Zeek plays gameboy.
I play nitendo,
Arnt we the perfect pair.
I stole your atari-tari.
I'm surely sorry-sorry.
Let's play love or dare.

Pokemon battles,
Unicorn saddles.
I keep it tight.
Pixie sticks,
Comic strips.
Live life right.

Britney spears, backstreet boys
Way before beyblade toys.
Spice girrrls, and s club.
Little girls, singng in the tub.

What happened too.
Glow 'n' the dark.
Now boys like,
Girls with hips.

I've tossed
I've turned
I've made my mark.
I've lost
I've won.
I've battled the dark.

Late-early nineties.
Was the year.
I was a little girl.
I had no fear.

Poptarts in the morning.
Let's watch little lulu.
Tree house TV
And pink tutus.

Way before myspace.
But after boy george.
Culture club was dead.
And now there's only whores.

I got my super nintendo,
All hooked up.
I play it all day, I can't get enough.

Whore me whore me plz plz plz.
My friend counts dropin,
Faster than your mom to her knees

Oh my god, you're nine I'm eight,
You're way to old for me to date.

Oh, mg. you're twenty six?
Well I'm too young to suck your dick.
Oh well, who will know.
Just whore me after the show.

Now you see, the decade change.
Don't you wish things were the same.
Well hey there let's go back to the start.
With the song that captured everyone's heart.

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