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Your Planned Suicide

This song is by Hella Fly Cool Kids.

They want me dead.
Yeah, yeah you heard what I said.
A bullet for your thoughts, oh mistress dear.
The pain of love I can't endeer.

Shake me dead, hurt me blind.
This is something I can't hide.
Bullets bullets richashay.
Off your skull, in caskets you lay.

They got to you first.
Oh dear, oh dear.
Your voice lingers, It's all I hear.

I'll write you a future, if you just give me time.
Just please, live it line by line.
The ending line says they want you dead.
Fuck it, fuck it. It needs to be re read.

I kept your body warm.
Through every hail storm.
I kept you alive.
Even when you felt dead inside.

Why, why are you gone.
What, what is the purpose of this song.
You can't even hear it, or my voice.
Damnit, why didn't you have a choice.

Take the bullet from your head.
You don't deserve to be dead.
Live your life, if needed through me.
Just please, don't bleed.

Oh wait, here's the news.
I'm already dead, and I died with you.
How can you feel heartbreak, if you're not alive.
How can you sing a song, when screaming into a knife.

My arms tell the story, the blood spatter gives the scene.
It got real gory, and you better believe.
Belive I am hopeless, believe in your guilt.
My life just began to wilt.

This is my goodbye,
This is your love song.
This is why I hate you.
Because of what you did wrong.

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