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You'll Love It Trust Me

This song is by Hella Fly Cool Kids.

This song has no lyrics.
This song has no meaning.
This song is worthless.
But It'll stop you from leaving.

I asked you too join me.
On this afternoon.
You said 'Only if you agree'
To write me a tune.

I said 'Sure, now darlin'
But please don't expect a hit.
Because y'know baby,
I don't know where I'm goin' with this.'

So, your sittin' there in your chair,
Givin' me quite a glare.
I see your eyes, filled with fury.
But you said write in a hurry.

These are my thoughts,
Right now and here.
And please believe,
My words sincere.

Are you getting angry?
Are you getting mad?
'Cause the reason for this,
Was to make you glad.

What is it, the rhyme too much?
But I think it just gives it a special touch.
Don't leave, It took me so long.
For me too write this masterpiece song.

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