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This Can Only End In Tears

This song is by Hella Fly Cool Kids.

You left, without a simple goodbye.
I stayed, and watched them all cry.
How could you do this to us all?
How could you do this, and leave us to fall?
Questions go unanswered, because you left to soon.
I never will forget, that sorrow afternoon.

Fists, being smashed into walls.
Little girls, left to watch it all.
The world has crumbled without you.
Tears, stumbling down your familys faces.
Joy lost, in hopefull places.
Hearts are breaking, without you.

Everythings colder,
Everythings slower,
The world is slowing as we speak.
Everything's changing.
It's all re-aranging.
The world is getting weak.

You left me with scars written on my back.
Your knife is stuck, Trust is all I lack.
I'm living this on repeat.
You lied your way, through life.
And now you've left the lies in your knife.
They fall onto your arm, it was more than a false alarm.

The knives sliding, in every direction,
How could you not mention,
Leaving us so soon.
I never did see the signs,
But you left me behind.
Dying is the death of me.

You lied,(The world is ending)
You died,(Crashing around my feet)
We cried,(it can't be over)
We tried,(Our hearts never did meet)
To get over it!

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