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None Of Them Knew They Were Robots

This song is by Hella Fly Cool Kids.

I see the stars shining up in the sky.
I see them falling as the night turns cold.
And I stopped and I asked why.
You said because the world is getting old.

When I get to old for you.
When the words are no longer wise.
Will you still stick around.
And tell me your lovely lies.

Every breath that goes wasted.
Every word that falls to the ground.
Every lie, said with those breaths.
Are the ones you screamed out loud.

When you're done with me,
When you want it all to end.
I'll tell you the truth.
That we're better off dead.

It's suicide Saturday,
I'm fighting off these tears.
My heart is bleeding,
Your shotgun no one hears.

Your gun is missing a bullet tonight.
It's lodged deep in my head.
There's a blood stain, you can't explain.
Getting bigger on the bed.

Are you ashamed of me,
The way I wear my clothes.
The way I brush my hair.
The way you say my name.
Is like nothing I can bare.