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Let's Talk About Spaceships

This song is by Hella Fly Cool Kids.

By the time you hear this song.
By the time I sing it all.
I will be over you.

I only told you the truth.
I told the trusted the lies.
I knew no one would believe you.
No matter how many cries.
Spilled from your mouth,
Of brootal mistakes.
I could just tell them all
You were a fucking fake.

You called me out, and said I was a liar.
Really though, you were a desire.
I called you out,
And you were a hypocrite.
A perfect suicide
Is what you'd commit.

Now you're all dead.
To me anyway.
On the inside I'm the one who's the same.

You all left me, for a fake rude scene tween.
I hope you all know what this means.
Your leaving a legend.
For a full proof bomb.
When you're all alone and whining.
I'll be calm.

I can't even go on with this fucking mistake.
This one was the worst,
You make everything opaque.