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Jocelyn Vs Raven Rapbattle

This song is by Hella Fly Cool Kids.

Hey now, you think your real smart.
Well it's me who brings the heart.
Hey now, you think you got game.
Well it's me who's bringin' you the shame.

Hey was that a whistle, or was it your gap.
You think your real cool cause you think you can rap.
Well this is me bringin' it back.
Bitch those teeth get wack.

Oh wow, you dissin my teeth?
Oh what, you think your cooler than me?
Shit you lookin' a little bit wack.
Good thing, I'm rulin this track.

'Rulin this track' girl you think you got it all.
I'm the one who is pwing this song.
Your hair is getting bigger as we speak.
I think I'm on a winnin' streak.

Damn, your rhymin is bad.
You think your tha next fad?
Well hey I got some news.
I'm on top, and yous like a foos.

Damn now I know I'm good.
Your not even from a hood.
You think you got style cause your pants are low.
Shit, you have got to go.

At least my hair, didn't come in a package.
At least I'm not basically plastic.
I've seen doors smarter than you.
Shit why are you still here, dude.

Kay, you think your tough shit.
You should keep your tongue bit.
Oh I forgot with that gap in your mouth.
You sound like your from the south

Yeah, well I'll bring it back to the rhyme.
Yeah, you must remember that time.
Where you were dissed, and you didn't even try.
Yeah, bitch those fingers are wide.

I'd rather wide fingers than a really wide ass.
Shit, cheeseburgers get there fast.
Listen to me and you get the truth.
Don't listen to the fruit.

Why'd you ruin christmas, what'd ya do with the wreath.
Man, chip vs coca, dude that shit is deceased.
Uh, don't be hatin' on jenna, leave crystal alone.
When he ain't talkin' to you I'm with sean on the phone.

I should have kicked in her face, like I did with the dog.
Maybe then she wouldn't look like a frog.
Sean hates you, double k will too.
Man stop yourself, it's the least you can do.

Whoa, whoa. Stop the press.
Someone here needs to learn how to dress.
Shit man, your just ashley,
Shit man, your just so trashy.

I know I'm trash, I know I'm last.
I know your weak, I know you shouldn't speak.
I know, I'm ugly, fact I'm pale.
Your shits weak epic phail.

Everybody says that I got the flow.
Everybody says your shit has to go.
Why do you even think you're a little cool.
Man, it's like ludas here, and your the one actin' a fool.

Man step up a bit, this isn't hustla.
Do good rhymes, this isn't no cova.
Shit now I'm startin too sound like you.
(Even though you wrote my part too)

Man, you should hire someone to do your rhymes.
It doesn't make sense, lie after lie.
Sure sure, my hair gets big, but it's better than havin' a wig.
Sure yeah, my teeth ain't straight, but your the one everyone hates.

I just publicly shouted, that I suck dick.
Man, you just want a shot at my btip.
I just told the world, or you know our fan.
That I want your father in his van

Well now your shits just sad and week.
Maybe you should think before you speak.
Well now I'm better than you,
And you suck at the shit you try to do.

Shit I do? you wrote this.
That was basically your own diss.
You knew I was a slacker and couldn't write my own,
Shit I'm having the end of this sentence say own.

Omgosh. that was like, emomazing.
Shit, where do emos live?
I don't know,
Dude that was a trick question, they don't live anywhere.
Oh my gosh, we don't do trick questions.
Oh my gosh,
You know why?
We don't do trick questions, we don't. you know why?
Cause people could get there feelings hurt.

Full out rofl.

Oh fuck your bshit.
Uhm at least I don't steal stuff from sad pandas.
Omgosh like double you oh double u I love that game.
No. just ... end it.
Heh heh rawr. peace. uhm.
Bai k bai