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I Woke Up To A Nightmare

This song is by Hella Fly Cool Kids.

So I'm different, So I'm weird.
So I'm freaky, So I'm feared.
My eyeliner, only in blood red.
I'm not the only one who will end up dead.
My eyes arer burning, my heart is churning.
Hatred for you is, what I'm learning.
Quick little stares, and dark goth jokes.
But you see I'm just like Blokes.
I'm so deep, I write my own words.
Even if they, sound absured.
I have a big black book, filled with letters.
To my darling family, of how nothing will get better.
Where have my friends, gone too?
Why arn't they crying here with me and you.
My spider is my best friend,
And my bat is my mentor.
I'm not allowed near a day care centor.
Ending of my life, As quick as the ending of this song.
But my spirit will stay alive for very long.

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