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I Will Follow You Into The Dark

This song is by Hella Fly Cool Kids.

I'm alone. I'm cold. I'm lonely.
I'm alive. I'm brave. I'm fair.
I'm weak. I'm dead. I'm broken.
I'm breathing. I'm awake. I'm aware.

No need to be so cruel.
No need to be so mean.
Just please be more poetic.
This is the worst I've ever seen.

Please give this world some meaning.
Maybe a metaphor.
It's all filled with legions.
They are becoming more.

I am legion, for we are many.
I am a sinner, for we are empty.
I carry blades, and I still fear.
The work of Satan coming near.

You say he's just a santa clause.
Hiding in the false of laws.
I say he is a demon.
Hiding where you can still see him.

I feel, the demon, around my neck.
I feel, the fate hanging in the air.
I fear it all being a wreck.
I hear the words BEWARE!

Your faith is strong, but your god is weak.
I see you need help, you can barely speak.
Save the sinners, of who I am the worst.
Save the spirit, from demon's work.

I am legion for we are many!