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I Love You Too Death But I Think I Was Happier When We Were Strangers

This song is by Hella Fly Cool Kids.

The rain pours slower than your tears.
The lies are faster than your fears.
I'm screaming just to let it all out.
I'm screaming to forget all about...

The reason for you gone

Puddles dance around me.
And the droplets drop like flies.
It's all that surrounds me.
Put me out of this demise.

No, not another sappy song about tragedy!?

I'll be happy I swear.
I'll be happy if you care.
I'll be fine if you tell me too.
I'll be fine if I'm with you.

Oh now karla.
Don't cry.
Oh now karla.
It's all right.
Oh now karla.
I love you.
Oh now karla.
Do what you have too.

Again I see my fate crumble.

I see skylines, written in blue.
I see sunsets, when I'm with you
I see airplanes, in the sea.
I see boats, in the sky when you're with me.

Tommorw's a different day.

Smile, now broken heart.
No need to fall fall apart.
Smile, now get your beat.
No need to fall off your feet.
Forget about the past.
Only have memories.
Forget what happened last.
Just listen too emery.

This has gone no where.
Just like me.
I wanna go somewhere.
Without having to bleed.