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I Hope I Can Finish This Before I Die

This song is by Hella Fly Cool Kids.

I don't know who I am anymore.
I had it all figured out but things are changing.
Why can't the world just stay the same?
My life has put up with to much aching.

The scars tell a story.
And the cemetery's the scene.
Your body was the victim,
Of a joke gone obscene.

There was a gun in his hand.
And now there's a bullet in your head.
I can't understand,
How I let you wind up dead.

The silent but violent tendency's
Of children who never know the reason.
The cruel but true acts,
Get bigger through the seasons.

The body left, was your sacrifice.
The blood, was your price.
The bones were your reward.
The screams, were what you could afford.

I need to end this now.*screams*
Your body was a sacrifice.*harmonize*
It's all I dasavoe.*screams*
The blood was your price.*harmonzie*
This hasgone too far*screams*
The bones were your reward *harmonize*
This scene is to bizarre*screams*
The screams where what you could afford.

Siiilleent but vioolleeeeeenntttt
It was all a tradgedy.
Siileeent but violeeeent.
A TV show dramedy.

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