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I'm Leaving You Charlotte

This song is by Hella Fly Cool Kids.

I'm leaving you charlotte.
And you don't even know.
I'm not even sure,
On where I will go.

I'm leaving you charlotte,
Cold and behind,
But don't worry,
I'll come back to what was mine.

Charlotte, I just want to say goodbye,
But please, oh please don't start to cry.
You were my home,
You were my friends,
You were the place that never ends.

Oh, oh charlotte.
I'm leaving you, today.
I don't know how long I'll stay.
Oh charlotte,
I'll come back.
I'll come back and visit my sweet heartattack.

This place I've been here way too long.
I've stayed with you, and it was so wrong.
Oh charlotte, don't mistake my song.

The rivers flow around us.
The rivers separates us all.
The rivers keep us together.
They flow into the ocean.
We are the water forever.

Charlotte, I need to say a final goodbye.
You were my soul, you were my mind.
You made me just who I am today.
But I must leave, and I'll be back someday.

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