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Halloween Hustle

This song is by Hella Fly Cool Kids.

Oh my gosh.
It's halloween.
Who in the world.
Can I be?

Zombies, or vampires.
Oh my god the living dead.

No I'm thinking more.
Popstar, A name the media always says.

The media, are you talking about like.
Perez. Dlist. I hear lindsays a dyke.

OH MY GOSH I have the perfect idea.
I'll be Demi Lavato. She should have been in Mama Mia.

Oh my god you faggot.
I wanted to be a zombie.

Hmm, who can I be.
I'll be jude who wants to be my tommy.

No ohmygosh, you can be Selena Gomez.
Her and Demi, we'd be all over Perez.

Oh gosh good idea.
Who can the reject bea.

Reject, they call me Miley.
I'm cuter than you, Nick says I have the best Smiley.

Uhm, It's Nick and Selena.
Get a life, your even weirder than the word subpoena.

What's up with this song.
It's not even singing.

Because all it is is full of drama.
It's what we're brining.


This is the beat in the song.
Where we sing right along.
This is the only part.
Where we give all our heart.
Even though we are queers.
Our songs bring tears.

Guys can I just promote my new album?

Dykie ... Just stop.

Haters make me famous all the boys want to date me.
Even though I'm a guy they still wanna rapes mes.
Hahahhahaha :d

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