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This song is by Hella Fly Cool Kids.

How does one, mistake breathing and dying.
How does one, mistake living and lying.
How does one mistake, push you over the edge.
How does one, How does just one.

Fake, Fake.
I'm not faking this.
Break, Break.
I'm not taking this.
I'm NOT taking this.

Keep on talking, it'll get you no where.

There's joking and there's lying.
There's living and there's dying.
There's tears and there's crying.
There's breaths and there's sighing.

Keep on walking, you're only going in circles.

There's tripping and there's falling.
There's stopping and there's stalling.
There's questions and answers.
There's lies.

Keep on lying, it's getting you everywhere.

There's circles, and there's spinning.
There's losing and there's winning.
There's ribbons, and there's trophies.
There's 'I Miss You.' and there's 'Hold Me'

Keep on breathing, it's what's killing you on the inside!

There's obsession, and there's curiosity.
There's rude, and there's atrocity.
There's the world spinning, Then there's the room.
There's a weed, and a flower about too bloom.

Keep on listening, it's what's making you a poet.

There's the start, and there's an ending.
There's this song, then there's a masterpiece.
There's war, then there's freedom of speech.

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