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​Folded Paper Figures

This song is by Hell Is For Heroes and appears on the album Transmit Disrupt (2005).

Did you pledge allegiance
Did you question the code
Did you find out too late
That you can't stop the flow

I need a will to live
Something worth dying for
A force to fuel the fight
And mask the fear

This is the new order
Carved with a warm blooded sword
A cold comforting new myth
To justify the cause
And now you're wondering
With your neck on the line
Is it justice or crime
The guillotine or the crown

Did you reshape your will
Just to fit in the fold
Did you trade your conscience
For a place to belong

Its just a point of view
A key to lock the chain
Come join the circle now
We're fitting in

We paint the walls
With a five pointed flag burning star
It's a motion
To justify our place again
The star is still shining
But it died long ago
And I don't let it go
And I don't let it go

I bid you welcome
The door is open
A gathering of the uninvited

This is the call to break the chain
This is the call to break up the chain