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Night On The Water

This song is by Helen Ward.

There was the night on the water
Beneath the starry sky,
And sailboats like dreamboats were slowly drifting by.
We heard a banjo strumming
And lazy voices humming, mmm.

There was the moon on the water.
It had a lovely charm,
With your hand in my hand,
Your head against my arm.
We sang a summer night's song
A langourous but nice song, mmm.

And we sat and watched until the moon dipped under
Under the rim of the sea.
Your eyes were kind, the night was full of wonder
And magic for me.

There was the night on the water.
I never shall forget.
The sailboats like dreamboats,
I'm thinking of them yet.
The world was far away there.
We wanted so to stay there forever.

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