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Stepping Stones

This song is by Helen Trevillion.

Oh I wore so many masks
Before I learned to be me
And I showed so many frowns
Playing the fragile casualty
I watched them dancing from a distance
So sure I'd never be free
So fiercely protective of
Some darker shade of me

Looking back I see that these
Were stepping stones over the sea
'Cause all the tears that stained my face
Were doorways to a better place

(We just hold on.)

Keys are hidden from our sight
But we find them when we fall
Pick ourselves up off the floor
See secret windows in the wall
And I swear everything we wanna be
We already are
Just gotta find those hidden keys
Just gotta find them, oh -

When rainy days seem much too long
And everything's just going wrong

Somedays we can barely crawl
We're learning to be beautiful
And time unwinds the aching hearts
Heals the smiles that come apart
All the tears that stain your face
Are doorways to a better place

So just hold on
So just hold on

Just hold on
Just hold on
Just hold on
Just hold on

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