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Readin', Ritin', Rhythm

This song is by Helen Kane and appears on the album Great Original Performances 1928 - 1930 (1999).

I just found out I'm wasting time with most of my education
You don't need Latin, you don't need Greek, no good for conversation
Throw away you're LLD's your old MD's you're PhD's
There's a million doctors carving and a million lawyers starving.
If you wanna eat here's the course complete,
Call the RRRD Three

Follow me with
Readin' writin' rhythm,
Get antiquated with 'em
Let you're don't words do you're homework right here
Oh, when you're home, say brother keep it to you're mother
It's a sell out let us yell out right here!

Oh, honey
Get you're hat and gown come down it's time for graduation
See those rows of saxophone
Hey the deans gotta

Oh, you'll be happy with 'em
Readin' and you're writin' and you're rhythm
You'll go far when you're RRR

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