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Holy Night

This song is by Heimdall and appears on the album Hard As Iron (2004).

On these roads I'm a stranger
I don't belong to this world
The night's dark is calling my name
I disappear in the shadows
I want to feel your touch again
Where is my home - my real world?

I'm alone - there is no god where I dwell
By the sea - in this dark long winter night
Through the rain - I'm looking for your witching eyes
I'll reach your spirit forever

I'll fly far away from here

Holy night - give me the eternal deliverance
Holy night - show me the valley of the shades
Holy night - now the doors have been opened
Holy night - so take my soul

Headless men - fallen empires - ghastly flames
Distorted lands and dismal visions in my dreams
Ghouls in the dusk - bedight in veils and drowned in tears
Take my drama to the end

I'm flying away from here

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