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This song is by Heidi Berry and appears on the album Love (1991).

Ah, lily
Lily in the shadow
Hiding from the moon
Lily under glass
You’re rising
Rising as the sun sets
Going to your window
Lay your face against the glass

And sway from side to side in silence
And slowly turning round with nothing but the sound
Of your bare feet on the wooden floor

And lily
All your time you’re wasting
Will you ever know
When your time is done
Now leaning
Hands flat to the wall
And slowly trace the boundary
Of an empty room

No word, no warning on the day
You left the stage, quit the play
You closed your eyes and faded away

And lily
Come into the moonlight
Here, no one will harm you
You’re not very strong
You’re dying
And you don’t even know it
You’re drowning on thin air
You’re already gone

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