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The Shooter

This song is by Heideroosjes.

It's his job, a way of life
Sees the news as his wife
Lights, camera, here we go
Another scoop for tonight's show
Rape, riots in the neighbourhood
He can't offer help, he's there to
Shoot !

It's his job, to feed the footage
Bring the news, show the rough edge
Sorrow taping, daily stuff
Wicked world, shots enough
Starvation, children beg for food
He can't offer help, he's there to

One day, inward conflict, what will he do?
Score that scoop or help someone through?

Everything to tease the viewer
Even lower than the sewer
Execution on the air
Commercial break; hold on the chair!
No longer give a hoot
Delete humanity, he's there to

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