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This song is by Hegemon and appears on the album By This, I Conquer (2002).

From darkest past and 'til the end
Of this fucking time
I never stop to fight against my enemies
Bleeding and screaming,
Torturing and killing this is all I know
Never did I surrender or bow to no one!
Hearing my darkest song
Signifies you will see
Your last and most cruel dawn
Dare to cross my path
And I will show you
You were wrong
I am not invincible
But my strength
Is hidden in my vein...
I am merciless
I am in command
I am thousand time more soulless
Than your so called Evil!
I don't need your fucking god,
I reject your bloody demons
No one will ever succeed
In inculcating me any useless beliefs
Long ages ago, I used to follow a path
I thought to be sure
But now I know that seeing is not believing...
Now I know that believing is lying...
Now I know that I lived through
A veil of sorrow they wrap the world with
But I've seen trough
And now I'm free...
And so it shall be done

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