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I Never Felt A Pain That Was Not Pleasure

This song is by Hegemon and appears on the album By This, I Conquer (2002).

Hearing screams of thousand tortured souls,
My delight
Seeing despair in their eyes deformed
By terror
Cutting the flesh and twisting the wounds
Till they die
All in the name of my long lost hope
They stolen me
Freezing their tears
And crushing their bones
In agony
I got sick because of their ideal
They turned me to stone
From the deepest abyss of man
I create my sins
Bowing down on your knees
I am your messiah
But I won't let you feel
The saviour of a normal life
Bleed for me...
I never felt a pain
That was not a pleasure
You give me pleasure
I give you pain
You feed my anger
I live through your dismay
Burning the meadows of your dreams
Fill me with strength of great killing
Imploring me to save your life
Is all I have to still believe...

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