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We Were Meant To Be

This song is by Hefner and appears on the album The Fidelity Wars (1999).

I thought you said that you'd phone me this weekend,
Cause at the weekend the phone calls are cheaper.
You left a note but I did not read it,
I threw it away.
I took a tube to the west end of London,
To see a friend who I'd almost forgotten,
He gave me hope that I still hadn't lost you,
I threw it away.

I thought that you belonged to me,
That we were meant to be.

I thought you said that every so often,
We had a love that was better unspoken,
But you, you fool, you fool, you lose.

Fat Kelly's teeth

The spaces between all the towns,
Is where I lay my sweetheart down.
The spaces between her cruellest insults is where I stopped being faithful,
The gaps between Fat Kelly's Teeth,
Distract my eyes from her body,
And as she pulls me to the floor,
I don't feel that guilty,
My trousers are below my knees,
And her skirts above her waist.

But in the cold sober light she's not nearly so pretty,
But if I drink more gin her grace might return.
My sweetheart don't know,
And I sure won't tell her that fat Kelly's teeth have bitten chunks out of me,
And what was I thinking of when I went home with her,
She had sympathy, she had cigarettes,
Now they've all disappeared,
Between her teeth, between her teeth.

And I always forget, how quick the rot sets,
And now that the sun sets, I must go home,
I don't feel regretful, I don't feel ungrateful,
Even though I'm unfaithful I don't feel that bad

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