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Twisting Mary's Arm

This song is by Hefner and appears on the compilation album Boxing Hefner (2000).

Now that I've communicated everything I feel I think I'll go,
You never really listened and I couldn't have expected you to know,
And now I hate everybody and everybody hates me guess I should have known.
The truth is an objective, only the strong hearted people know.
Well the girl kissed me, 'cause she had rocks in her head.
She had petals in her shoes, and me within her arms.
And she sung many hymns, which I couldn't understand.
She was breaking God's heart, I was twisting Mary's arm.
Now that I'm expecting everything I didn't think would ever come,
My heart is big and swollen and my lips are torn and bruised from having fun.
There's no light inside this damp and squalid temple that we call your heart.
We are the prettiest of sinners, we've the filthiest, the dirtiest of laughs.
She said I would fail, she said I would not succeed.

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